Pam Sveinson
Pam SveinsonPrincipal

Pam Sveinson loves large-scale culture and organization change.

Pam Sveinson has been consulting a variety of clients since 1999.  Pam specializes in individual executive coaching, facilitation of management team sessions and consulting on large-scale culture initiatives.

The focus of Pam’s work at Aveus is leadership coaching and large scale culture and organization change. She loves working with clients to figure out exactly what their issues are and where they’re coming from. She’s learned that clients appreciate fresh approaches to their problems as long as it’s done by people with solid expertise, work and delivery – something she knows is a given if she’s working with the rest of the Aveus team.

Prior to Aveus, Pam held executive HR positions with Cowles Media Company/Star Tribune and with First Bank System and has served as a member of the board of directors for several firms. Pam received her Master’s degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota in 1980.

In her spare time, Pam has been working on subdividing and developing property in her home state of Montana near West Yellowstone, which includes the operation of Kirkwood Resort & Marina.