Linda Ireland
Linda IrelandPrincipal Consultant

Linda Ireland will help you do what customers value.

Linda Ireland is famous for weaving disparate or raw ideas and facts into actionable ideas that move leaders forward—a “provocateur,” a client once called her. Linda believes strongly that what you solve is more important than what you sell, so her favorite moments are when clients find what’s possible–and then commit to do what customers value, not simply what they’ll accept.

Linda was a founder of Aveus, and today continues as a true thought leader in customer experience. Linda is the author of the book, Domino, in which she teaches leaders how to use customer experience to tip everything in a business toward better financial performance. Earlier, Linda and Aveus Partner Chris LaVictoire Mahai wrote THEM: The Handy Experience Manual.

Linda wins among Aveusians for the number of industries or kinds of functional leader chairs she has been in. From manufacturing to M&A work, merchandising to division general manager, restructuring divisions to new venture start-ups, Linda brings a combination of specialist detail and broad picture perspective to work every day.

Immediately before joining Aveus, she was CEO of FORWARD I, a strategy and marketing consulting firm. She has held executive positions at Wilsons Leather, Digital River, Genesis Direct, PaperDirect, and Deluxe Corporation.

Linda holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Minnesota and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she taught in the MBA and Executive MBA programs for over 10 years. She serves on the boards of Community Health Charities America, Hennepin Theatre Trust, and Braun Intertec.

The optimist in Linda loves the kind of science fiction that demonstrates “we’ve figured out a few things by then,” which explains the small statue of Princess Leia on her desk. She is a traveler. So, whether gazing at stars, in a new city, or on a hiking trail, she constantly craves the depth of perspective she feels in cultures new to her.