Ellie Sjordal
Ellie SjordalAssociate Consultant

Ellie Sjordal is the newest member of Aveus and a breath of fresh, innovative air! Interested in human-centered business, healthcare and design, and passionate about people and their environments, Ellie’s ability to communicate with anyone and everyone in a way that clarifies and activates is just one of the reasons she makes a great addition to the team!

As an English major with a business mind, Ellie leads with empathy, curiosity and the desire to make systems, products and experiences better and more accessible for all. She is results-driven and mission-minded, a team player with a knack for diving deep into complex projects and adapting quickly. These qualities are clear in the work Ellie does in consulting and product development at Aveus, where creativity and change are constants in the journey towards people-centered healthcare.

When she isn’t working, you can find Ellie exploring the outdoors, playing Ultimate frisbee, writing, listening to podcasts and spending lots of time with friends, family and her dog, Rosie!