Chris LaVictoire Mahai
Chris LaVictoire MahaiPresident of Aveus
As the first Aveusian to work in the U.S., Asia and Europe, Chris has a unique perspective on how leaders drive material and positive outcomes in today’s global marketplace.


Deborah McMahon
Deborah McMahonSenior Vice President
Deborah is a retail and wholesale executive who has spent the last 20 years leading business teams to continuously improve the customer experience.
Tony Glebe
Tony Glebe Vice President
Tony is an experienced healthcare executive who thrives in environments requiring growth, innovation and change.
Samantha Guseyn-Zade
Samantha Guseyn-ZadeConsultant
Samantha Guseyn-Zade is a brilliant combination of communicator, efficiency expert, motivator, results achiever and happiness champion.
Olivia Peterson
Olivia PetersonConsultant
Liv is a strong believer in “work smarter not harder.” With her background in health care and consulting, she is quick to develop trusting relationships and solutions that help firms become their best version.
Ellie Sjordal
Ellie SjordalAssociate Consultant
Ellie is results-driven and mission-minded, a team player with a knack for diving deep into complex projects and adapting quickly.
Molly Danielson
Molly DanielsonOffice Manager
Molly is the office manager at Aveus, handling the administration for many of our projects.
Pam Sveinson
Pam SveinsonConsultant
Pam has been consulting a variety of clients since 1999.