Strategy in Action

Strategy- thousands of definitions. Here’s how we think about it.

We know there are many effective models that can be used to set strategic direction. The key is fitting the right one to your challenge and circumstances. Strategies often get written in a vacuum and are never actualized. The work and output needs to be dynamic, measurable and clarifying for all levels of the organization to break this dead-end pattern.

Whether you are talking business strategy, brand strategy, product or operating strategies, competitive or differentiating strategies, revenue or profitability or geographic or market segmentation strategies, they only hang together if you can answer five basic questions:

  1. Who do you serve?
  2. What problem or need do you solve for them?
  3. What position do you want to occupy in the marketplace?
  4. What makes you unique?
  5. How do you make money?

Easy to ask. In practice, often difficult to answer and then act on. If you want bold answers that can be implemented successfully, let’s talk.


We know the status quo is insufficient. The market is moving faster than ever. Your customers are evolving daily in their expectations. Your competitors are not standing still. Depending on your size and scale, you probably have layers of frustrated employees, impatient or confused about company directives that feel inconsistent. Lack of alignment in your top team, across your organization and where you meet your customers in the street is costly. Sometimes debilitating. We know it doesn’t have to be this way, and we know what to do about it.


We start by answering the questions above. We connect the dots from whatever the presenting problem (market opportunity, brand re-positioning, operating challenges, etc.) to the strategic context for better answers. Then we work with your team to create the alignment needed all the way through the organization.

We work collaboratively: Choose Aveus if you want to get your hands dirty and own the effort and the results. We are here for your success. You are the inside and industry experts. We are your partners in driving bigger, bolder results. We clarify and manage the work so you can focus on the critical decisions and actions. Read more about our approach here.


We deliver the strategies you need to drive bold performance. Yes the plan, the road map, the execution requirements, and the measures or dashboard to ensure you can launch and stay on course as you implement. We also work with teams across your organization, from the C-suite to front lines to assess change readiness and build the alignment, enthusiasm and engagement needed to succeed. We can also help, if needed, think about how to manage the strategies, keeping them fresh and dynamic as results roll in. We can help you translate them into proofs that serve the communications needs of all your constituents from the boardroom to your customers.

“Aveus has a rare ability. They can help a client determine and assess the path forward in the midst of uncertainty.”

-CEO, Technology Company