Profitable Customer Experiences

Customer Experience: current buzzword – what do we mean by it?

We know it all begins with a person and a problem worth solving. For this they will trade something of value: money, time, attention, or effort. Along the way to solving their need customers have an experience. Usually something short of fulfilling – rarely amazing. Along the way organizations – you – lose customers, revenue, and profit. And sometimes you lose your best people when the experience inside the company is equal to or worse than the one delivered to customers.

Resonate? Then let’s do something about it.


We believe every experience can be improved to the benefit of your customers or clients and your organization. The ‘and‘ is critically important. We see lots of well-intended but wasted investments chasing after customer pleasing efforts that do nothing to improve the value of the organization. Those efforts ultimately collapse or merge into whatever experience is delivered today. We know together we can do better. And we will prove this to you.

Our Approach

We take an outcomes driven approach: Starting with the ideal, or think of it as the desired end in mind (as Covey would say) and build back from there. Not that you ever fully achieve the ideal- but you might surprise yourself at how far you can get and how beneficial that is to your organization.

We work collaboratively: Choose Aveus if you want to get your hands dirty and own the effort and the results. We are here for your success. You are the inside industry experts. We are your partners in driving bigger, bolder results. We clarify and manage the work so you can focus on the critical decisions and actions.


We deliver the tangible results defined at the beginning of the project. Sometimes measured in revenue growth or profit improvement, other times measured in things like customer retention and growth in customer relationships. Often measured in loyalty as well as customer and employee engagement. Sometimes it is a clear action plan with outcomes, timelines and a governance process for you to drive the implementation. We assess your change readiness and build practical road maps your organization can successfully implement.


Let us leave you with a few questions to ponder. If you don’t like your answers or don’t know your answers, we can help. We welcome the opportunity to talk specifically about how to improve your customer experience with tangible benefits to your customers and organization.

  1. Is your customer experience making or costing you  money? Do you know?
  2. Does your organization have a clear definition of your target client and the need you solve?
  3. Do you have alignment on actions to improve your customer experience?
  4. Does your customer experience measurement system measure value to both your client and your company throughout the client journey?
  5. Are customer experience measures central to your daily decisions across your organization?

“(Aveus is) a very different kind of consulting firm in terms of the working relationship that they have with clients.  It’s close.  It involves senior people.  It involves a very thoughtful and deep, facilitated process.  They are absolutely the firm to work with around visualizing the customer experience and a strategy for an engaging consumer experience. There are no holds barred in terms of doing whatever it takes to make both timing and the process work and helping all of the people on the team get their best thinking into the process.”                                -Senior VP Consumer and Provider Solutions, Leading not-for-profit health plan