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BOLD Characteristics

In this PDF you will find a more detailed description of each of the 4 BOLD characteristics that came out of the research.

BOLD Characteristics Defined

Applying the BOLD Leader Framework

For any organization needing to make some fundamental changes, it is imperative to know who your BOLD leaders are, or who has the core DNA to lead boldly. Read here for some suggestions about how to get started.

Applying BOLD Leadership In Your Workplace

Our Methodology

The attachment below provides details around the approach we took to identify BOLD attributes and design an assessment. We have integrated market validated research to construct our BOLD leader assessment using confidence, curiosity, empathy, and trust. Our approach consisted of initial interviews, identification of themes, design of an assessment, and testing with a group of leaders. If you have further questions about our methodology, please contact us at

BOLD Methodology and Research

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Who are BOLD Leaders?

After completing over 100 interviews, we knew we were seeing patterns emerge in these “rare” BOLD leaders who were essential for transformative change. But we also felt we needed a testable methodology for identifying them.

We conducted extensive research and reviewed already qualified tests that can validate the presence of these characteristics in an individual. After many rounds of debate, research, and review, we know today we have the tools an organization needs to identify BOLD leaders.

Are you a BOLD leader? Take our proprietary assessment: