Bold Healthcare From The Outside In Podcast

Putting Customers at the Center of
Digital Healthcare

Featuring Susie Hume

“We want to make sure that we put the member at the center and not put them in the middle, not require them to be the middleman between their payer and their provider.”

In this episode Deborah McMahon, SVP of Aveus talks with Susie Hume, Director of Digital Strategy, Experience and Delivery at Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield  about how she and the team at Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield are delivering a differentiated customer experience for members and providers. 

Listen along as Susie shares how her team is improving digital and virtual health, building customer-centric culture and capabilities, using proactive experience design, creating a 360-degree member view to drive engagement, measuring success for customers and Excellus BCBS, and more!

Memorable quotes from this episode:

“We had a very long list of things we wanted to achieve. And it’s really important that with that long list that you have a way to figure out where do we start? So, I think one of the key things that we did early on was develop a prioritization model, and we focused on three pillars in that model: the customer, the business, and the effort.”

Susie Hume

“I apply the 80/20 rule, which is, I think when it comes to preferences it’s 80% what our members tell us they prefer, and 20% what their behavior shows us works. And what I mean there is, I think all of us have a feeling about how we prefer to receive communications or notifications. But, there might actually be another way that we don’t think we prefer, but actually is more likely to drive us to action.”

Susie Hume