Project Description

Winning by Breaking the Rules


In a technology sector with rules favoring the two behemoth leaders how can a mid-tier player win?


Creating clarity:

  • Aveus designed and facilitated a sometimes painful internal and external assessment including resources from across the company
  • Led the leadership team through a long-range planning effort to create a focused strategy based on customer experience requirements
  • Calculated the requirements for survival and, ultimately, growth

Making smart decisions:

  • Set audacious targets
  • Broke the rules that limited growth
  • Distinguished themselves through customer experience in an industry with terrible customer scores

Operationalizing the change:

  • Designed and facilitated a rapid-start, cross-functional leadership group to drive the detailed planning and implementation decisions in 90 days
  • Led an internal/external marketing team through a new brand strategy aligned to the new company strategic direction
  • M & A strategy to jump start growth and expand global reach


  • Audacious goals achieved: $1 Billion in 1000 days
  • Set the foundation for a merger that doubled the size of the company and expanded it to a global company.
  • Initial implementation of the new brand framework