Project Description

Tapping Social Media and Account Activity to Inform Daily Decisions


Barraged by the rise in social media and marketplace forums for information sharing, typically more negative than positive, the company needed a sustainable process to gather consumer and customer sentiments and combine them with account activity to align daily decisions with improving customer experiences.


Creating clarity:

  • Gathered consumer, customer, employee and marketplace insights from a variety of social and other sources
  • Defined criteria to sort the essential from massive amounts of available data
  • Through testing, identified the monitoring and measurement approaches to easily gather, organize and present the most valuable data

Making smart decisions:

  • Defined a set of prioritized sources that could be supported by several technical and subject matter expert functions on an ongoing basis
  • Developed the objectives for a new dashboard that could be used to inform daily and periodic decisions
  • Worked with initiative leaders to inform their work with these advanced consumer, customer and market insights

Operationalizing the change:

  • Developed a methodology and process flow to pull the lessons from the data into easily refreshed dashboards for decision making
  • Socialized the approach across the company to inform routine decisions with customer and consumer input


  • Stopped “boiling the ocean” of available data and selected the most useful and extendable
  • Launched initial dashboards
  • Transferred the tools and methodology to the internal team to sustain and improve the application of this data to decision making over time