Project Description

Moving a Company from Supply-driven to Demand-driven


A technology supplier faced with decommissioning customer orders realized the need to move from a supply-driven approach to demand-driven to increase performance.


Creating clarity:

  • Isolated issues in the performance chain that were limiting company performance and disappointing customers
  • Conducted a design analysis
  • Worked with planning teams in 6 countries at 7 different sites

Making smart decisions:

  • Analyzed internal data to identify limitations of the current strategy
  • Designed a new strategy around customer requirements

Operationalizing the change:

  • Established governance that took the company from site-based production planning to customer driven response planning
  • Changed the measurement framework to focus on external benchmarks
  • Stood up a centralized network for technology structure and tools


  • Successfully transformed the organization to operate based on demand pull
  • Never decommissioned a customer project again
  • Reduced planning process by 7 days to get back on track and get ahead (each day = $2 Million)