Project Description

Benefiting Customer Experience Through the Employee Experience


How can an organization tap the energy and attention of 40,000+ sales leaders and representatives across multiple channels to drive step-change improvements in the customer experience?


Creating clarity:

  • Designed a project approach that would capitalize on, complement, and not duplicate or compete with other corporate customer experience work already underway
  • Conducted stakeholder interviews and field observations across Retail, Direct, Inbound and Telesales channels
  • Adopted a “learn from the best” approach to help the organization focus and build upon what was already working
  • Analyzed customer and operating performance data, exposing disconnects in the employee experience that directly impacted customers

Making smart decisions:

  • Developed a set of recommendations that were adopted into a new sales framework to improve both employee and customer experiences
  • Defined six strategic outcomes that provided focus for successful implementation and execution
  • Developed the change plan to introduce, adopt and reinforce a new set of common behaviors
  • Worked with a cross-channel leadership team to set direction for all design and implementation decisions

Operationalizing the change:

  • Orchestrated meetings and coached leaders in their decision making and implementation planning
  • Developed a set of recommendations and tools for sequential rollout of the new sales framework
  • Mentored the corporate sale customer experience team as they stepped into their specific implementation assignments


  • A new sales framework was adopted by the company, incorporating customer experience, quality of sale, employee empowerment, and new behaviors into a methodology that could be implemented across all channels
  • Clear alignment of the sales leaders from all channels and geographies
  • Initial implementation plans and materials handed off to the corporate sales customer experience team, with follow-on recommendations to push forward and sustain the change