Project Description

Healthy Customer Experience Drives Growth and Retention


The leaders of a top-rated integrated health system facing rapid growth, an uncertain health insurance landscape and big cost pressures needed to strengthen member experience to achieve breakthrough performance.


Creating clarity:

  • Conducted stakeholder interviews
  • Facilitated CX context labs that touched every facet of the system including health plans, clinics & services, pharmacy, and health & well being
  • Understood commitment to triple aim

Making smart decisions:

  • Used target member experience from the CX context labs to establish change priorities for each aspect of the business.
  • Defined the ideal member experience through collaborative ideation and action planning and established winnable enterprise initiatives to close the gaps across each functional area.

Operationalizing the change:

  • Charted and coached teams who implemented the initiatives.
  • With the core team, created a “positive conspiracy” among leaders and teams across the organization. Enrolled employees in a shared vision of the target customer and their ideal experience and how to use the target experience in daily decision making.
  • Significant success with the first initiative has launched a Phase 2 project to take the member experience to the next level.


  • A clear target member experience has created focus for actions taken across the organization.
  • Leaders use the target experience as a way to operationalize promises made to stakeholders in the company’s mission and business strategy.
  • Improvements have been registered in consumer ratings, growth and retention.
  • Leaders see an opportunity to improve communications spend by 20% as the member experience gets stronger.