Driving Directions

Address: 8011 34th Avenue South, Ste 218, Bloomington, MN  55425

Office Phone: 952.681.7143


After exiting  494 at 34th Avenue, go south one block to the first stoplight at American Boulevard, and turn left (east). Go past the Crown Plaza entrance to the next right-hand turn, and turn right into the parking area. (There is a small sign indicating “Office Building Parking.”)

Continue straight ahead past the ramp, following the small sign indicating parking for “Two Appletree Square.” Park in one of the parking spots marked “Visitor” near the outside metal stairs of the surface lot.

Take the outside metal staircase on the west side of the surface parking lot up one level and enter the double doors marked “Two Appletree Square”. Proceed straight down the long inter-building tunnel, past the entrance to the Riverview Office Tower. You will see another “Two Appletree Square” sign ahead of you when you get to the glass covered atrium. Go to the elevators at the end of the hall. Take the elevator up to the 2nd floor and go to Suite 218 (turn right as you exit the elevator).