Strengthening Market Position Through a Customer-Centric Strategy

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The Business Challenge

A leading Canadian data and analytics company was experiencing revenue challenges and loss of market share to aggressive competitors.

The “Outside In” Approach

Aveus began working with the company President and a cross-functional senior leader team with broad client knowledge to create a market repositioning hypothesis. The team conducted in-depth customer interviews to define the target customer, needs to be solved, and critical moments in the “ideal” customer experience. This outside in view, consistently thinking customer first, allowed the team to identify the most critical moments in the client journey.

Focused Set of Initiatives

The team defined six key strategic initiatives and prioritized that work with the Executive Leadership Team. During this time, the team defined new roles and identified core team members to champion the initiatives. Aveus developed charters and a measurement framework to define success for each initiative and overall.

Bringing the Change to Life

Aveus conducted training on “outside in” capabilities with key leaders across the organization and provided them with a road map for both change management and change leadership. New metrics were incorporated into performance objectives company wide. Aveus partnered with the core team to coach and advise throughout the initial implementation. To complete the engagement the Aveus team created a formal “lessons learned” feedback loop and recommended innovative ways to incorporate feedback into the planning and budgeting process for Year 2.

The results?

The organization achieved 6% revenue growth in year 1 (reversing a two-year declining revenue trend) and saw a 14% improvement in their NPS score in the first year.

Additional Benefits Realized

  • The leadership team operated with a tighter focus.
  • The broader organization shared an understanding of the experience strategy, target customer profile, and ideal customer experience to work towards.
  • The organization measured enhanced brand perception from target customers over time.

Engagement Timeline (12 Months)

The Aveus team provided high quality, thoughtful and intelligent solutions to our challenge along with actionable and realistic strategic council.


Leading Canadian data and analytics company
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The Business Challenge: A leading Canadian data and analytics company was experiencing revenue challenges and loss of market share to aggressive competitors.

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