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The Business Challenge

The president of a global business division headquartered in Europe, and with operations in 6 countries, needed to build a cohesive, innovation-oriented leadership team with the capabilities to achieve rapid growth targets over a five-year period.

Creating a Coalition of Change-ready Leaders at the Top

Aveus designed and implemented a leadership forum for the top 20-30 executives from around the world to do several things: build relationships, build trust, build skills and cross-functional cooperation, and inspire innovation and operational excellence that would cascade throughout the organization. The leaders met, worked, planned, and learned together in person, at various locations across the world, 2-3 times a year through this multi-year initiative. Subgroups continued work and execution activities between sessions.

Igniting Innovation

Through specific work and idea challenges, creative exercises, client guest engagements, customer experience concepts, and customized tools the leaders could use with their teams at home, the effort unleashed an innovation spirit that continues today.

Absorbing Acquired Companies to Accelerate Growth

Knowing organic growth was not sufficient for the aggressive growth targets, Aveus assisted the company in the successful integration of acquired companies throughout this period. This required cultural and people resources integration as well as adjusting of physical assets and skills to move into adjacent markets. With each acquisition, the vision of what this division could become expanded.

Moving Skill-building and Innovation Efforts Deep into the Organization

Working with individual functional and site leaders around the world, and their teams, Aveus developed programs and tools that they could use to build expanding layers of high performing teams.

The results?

This division met its growth goals every year during our engagement with them, and that growth continues today. They consistently win some of the annual top innovation awards presented by the parent company to divisions. Team leaders we worked with continue to drive growth and innovation, and some have been tapped to move to new leadership roles in other company divisions.

Additional Benefits Realized

  • Through successful acquisition integration, the company has been able to expand its market footprint.
  • Within the last five years, the company has built two world-class innovation and production facilities in North and Central America.

Multi-Year Engagement Timeline

Medical Components Company
Aveus has driven the best possible outcome for our leaders. They helped us to move along a path of more than doubling our revenue by supporting all key strategic and tactical processes along that journey. Aveus was fully engaged with our organization, learning our culture, operating norms, and employees. This level of engagement helped us achieve success.


Global Medical Components Company
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