Customer Experience

If your CX initiatives don’t deliver payoffs for your customers and your company, you’re probably missing the point.

A Profitable Operating Strategy

For many, “customer experience” has become little more than consultant-speak. It’s seen as an add-on and treated like a chore, separate from running the business.

Here’s our take. CX should fundamentally change the way you work. And done well, CX should reap a profitable reward. For your customers, for your employees, and for your organization.

We approach customer experience as an operating strategy that will deliver better results for your growth, innovation, and financial performance.

CX and Culture Change, Together

At Aveus, we believe every experience can be improved to the benefit of your customers or clients and your organization. The “and” is critically important. We see lots of well-intended but wasted investments chasing after customer pleasing efforts that do nothing to improve the value of the organization.

Those efforts ultimately collapse or merge into whatever experience is delivered today. If you have a series of CX initiatives underway, we will help you rationalize and integrate them into an effective operating strategy that will guide your daily decisions and work. 

What does this look like?

We start with the ideal. You move faster, make bolder decisions, and create a shared vision across your organization. From there, you shed current initiatives that are pulling you down, go beyond the pains of today, and fund priorities that will make the most difference.

Answer these questions with your organization in mind:


Is your customer experience making or costing you money? Do you know?


Does your organization have a clear definition of your target client and the need you solve?


Do you have alignment on actions to improve your customer experience?


Does your customer experience measurement system measure value to both your client and your company throughout the client journey?


Are customer experience measures central to your daily decisions across your organization?

Dissatisfied with any of your answers?

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