Aveus – pronounced Ā-vee-us, comes from the Latin avius, which describes an “out of the ordinary” experience, and is exactly the kind of firm we have set out to be from our inception that began more than 20 years ago. Based on a core set of foundational principles, this consultancy arm of Medecision works with BOLD leaders to drive rewarding change.

Our Core Principles

  • Focus on interesting business challenges with great people committed to achieving big results
  • Be the kind of partner that as line operators ourselves, we wished we could have hired
  • Leave clients more capable, not more dependent
  • Build a portfolio of 100% referenceable clients


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Bringing Change to Healthcare

Aveus has worked with a range of organizations from large to small; public, private and non-profit; across most industries and geographies from North America to Asia and Europe. With experience across the entire healthcare ecosystem, Aveus’ integration with Medecision creates a natural opportunity to support clients going through the challenges of complex change.

Disruptive economic, regulatory, social, and now post-pandemic forces are pushing clients to develop and implement new strategies to finance healthcare, engage and empower consumers, better equip providers, and connect communities of care and support organizations.

Aveus delivers on the Medecision promise of “liberating healthcare” from traditional, complex and costly fee-for-service delivery, care management practices, and operating models

Our Team

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Chris LaVictoire Mahai

Chris has a unique perspective on how leaders drive material and positive outcomes in today’s global marketplace.

Senior Vice President

Deborah McMahon

Deborah is a retail and wholesale executive who has spent 20 years leading business teams to continuously improve customer experience.

Vice President

Tony Glebe

Tony is an experienced healthcare executive who thrives in environments requiring growth, innovation and change.

Liberating healthcare means confronting:

  • Extreme complexity, fragmentation, and poor data integration
  • Competing and complementary interests
  • Disconnected, expensive member/patient experiences
  • Shifting portfolio risks
  • Strategic, customer experience and performance requirements

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