Customer Anchored Organizations Win

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It seems no matter whom I am talking with in business lately, a key theme is that customer expectations are higher and changing more rapidly than ever before.  And as a result, the difference between winners and losers is becoming more dramatic.  This reality seems to have sped up in the last 24 months within most


Pausing to Move Forward: Sending a Powerful Message

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You’ve probably seen the headlines over the last few weeks about how Chipotle closed all locations for a company-wide meeting on food safety. The news articles range from mildly noteworthy to shocked predictions of the certain doom of the restaurant chain. When I heard about Chipotle’s plan, I was reminded of another well-known company that did


Are You a Vitamin or Painkiller?

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A recent article, which challenged businesses to determine if their offering is a vitamin or a painkiller, caught my attention. In short: Your product is a vitamin if your product creates a stronger future state over time, and Your product is a pain killer if your product solves a specific hurt.