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Intentional Culture: Start with the Employee Experience

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Are you facing the question, “How do we change our culture to support the strategy we have just defined?”  As my colleagues and I were discussing this challenge, we identified an important element of creating an intentional culture: purposefully connecting the Customer [...]

A Model to Help Bold Leaders Prioritize Initiatives

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“Hello.  My name is Ryan and I’m an efficiency addict.”  This is what I would say if there was an Efficiency Anonymous group.  I’m a fan of Franklin Covey.  I love Microsoft Excel.  And yes, I’m an achiever in my Strengthsfinder results.  I love getting things completed in the shortest amount of time with the maximum amount of quality. It’s why I’m in fascinated by this: […]

The 3 Elements of Trust

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“Do you trust me?” This can be an emotionally charged question, yet it can be a tremendously constructive one, too. In our work we have found that getting clarity on the reasons why you do (or don’t) trust someone is just as important as the answer itself. […]

A Story About an Idea to Change the World

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At Aveus we have the opportunity to listen to and work with a wide range of clients and prospects talking about operationalizing a decision they’ve already made, addressing the urgent requirements of a changing market, or introducing ideas that will change the world. The following story has elements of all three. […]

10 Reasons Organizational Change Fails… or Succeeds

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Linda, Chris and I have just returned from an always-full, dynamic annual summit for the Women Business Leaders of the US Health Care Industry Foundation — or WBL, as its associates love to call it. In a session called “Leading Change that’s Worth It,” we had the privilege of facilitating this amazing group of executives in a conversation about just that kind of change – the kind where the juice is worth the squeeze. […]