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Aimee Lucas Interview

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One afternoon in the spring of 2010, a colleague and I ducked into a fruit smoothie place in Manhattan. We had just finished a meeting and were halfway back to our hotel, put off by record breaking 95 degree heat and humidity on an afternoon in April. I settled in, opened my email and found a


5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Business

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This is by no means meant as a panacea. If only it were so easy to create change by implementing just five simple tips –voila! Our work here would be done. That certainly isn’t the case.  But it’s Friday. In honor of the end of the week, let’s take a breather from things more complex and talk


Ingrid Lindberg Interview (Part 2)

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Last week I shared the first part of my Q&A with Ingrid Lindberg, CIGNA’s Customer Experience Officer. Today I’m sharing the final half of our conversation. How do you quantify the impact of customer experience projects and programs at CIGNA?


7 Customer Experience Truths That Drive Better Performance

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Doctors. Teenagers. IT managers. There are infinite kinds of customers. Some have job titles; some have Facebook walls. Their needs are as infinitely variable as are their demographic or behavioral profiles. Because they – and their needs – are unique, their customer experiences are infinitely variable too.