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COVID-19 Lessons That Can Improve All Patient Experiences

When patients form a positive relationship with their healthcare provider—or when members have a good experience with their health insurance plan—they become more engaged in their care and loyal to an organization. For both healthcare providers and payers, the experience is of the utmost importance. So how can the healthcare industry continue to improve the…

Lessons from Liberation: Building a foundation for successful digital experience

A couple weeks ago at the Medecision Healthcare Liberation Conference, I attended the Chief Experience Officer roundtable where we had an excellent discussion around how payors are thinking about their digital experience. We were lucky to have our own Medecision CXO – Ellen Donahue Dalton – and Health Economist, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn as facilitators. Three themes…

An Employee First Culture Risks Becoming Internally Focused and Externally Irrelevant

Which comes first, customer or employee experience?  This may sound like the proverbial “chicken or egg” question.  Both promise greater employee engagement and enhanced financial performance.  Many companies are underperforming on both. In fact, Gallup has found that fully 70% of employees do not feel engaged at work while Satmetrix reports that industry Net Promoter…

Maureen Spivack

Customer Anchored Organizations Win

It seems no matter whom I am talking with in business lately, a key theme is that customer expectations are higher and changing more rapidly than ever before.  And as a result, the difference between winners and losers is becoming more dramatic.  This reality seems to have sped up in the last 24 months within…

Maureen Spivack

B2B Customer Strategy: Who Do You Serve and What Are You Solving?

We encounter many business to business clients who have realized “what got them here is not what is going to get them there.”  One of the consistent themes that emerges regardless of industry is that over time, B2B companies often develop a portfolio of customers with different requirements.  As illustrated in the grid below, we…

BOLD Leader Guide to Customer Experience

As business leaders, we understand: companies exist only if they meet a set of customer needs. The most successful companies today increasingly understand that how their organization delivers for customers is as important as what it delivers. This orientation has resulted in an increased focus within many organizations on the customer experience. We see many…


4 Ways to Accurately Anticipate Customer Needs

You’ve given your customer a reason to come to your company in the first place and succeeded in solving one of your customer’s needs. Congratulations on a job well done. What’s next?  Delivering another winner that will alleviate the next customer problem is key to the future of the company. But how do you best…


5 Steps to More Effective Research

“My clients get paid for making successful decisions. My job is to provide the insights that increase the probabilities that they will make better decisions.”   — Frank Pleticha


Why Map an Ideal Customer Experience?

Like the old cliché “If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know if you get there?” there is a benefit for everyone in your organization to have a clear, unclouded vision of the point on the horizon to which you are aiming. In the cliché the risk is overshooting the target….