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How Bold Leaders Use the Information They Gather

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If you’ve been in business for more than a few years, you’ve likely seen your own organization, and probably others, launch ‘research’ that ends up on the shelf. Or someone tries to use research for purposes that were not intended when it was collected – and probably not legitimate to the methodology used – or the findings. You may have faced an executive that wants ‘big data’ because they have read about it. Why and how they will use it, well, they aren’t actually sure, but everyone is doing it!  […]

5 Steps to More Effective Research

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“My clients get paid for making successful decisions. My job is to provide the insights that increase the probabilities that they will make better decisions.”   — Frank Pleticha […]

Understanding Where to Focus and Why

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I just had lunch with one of our Aveus board members, who often starts team meetings with the question “where’s the smoke?” What a great way to create fast clarity about where to focus and why. […]