Bold Healthcare From The Outside In Podcast

Care Journeys: From Pop Health
to My Health

Featuring Clearstep’s Adeel Malik and Bilal Naved

We are kicking off a new season of podcasts. In this first episode, Chris LaVictoire Mahai, founder and former President of Aveus, sits down with Adeel Malik and Bilal Naved of Clearstep, to discuss the needs and challenges surrounding effective personalized care in an increasingly digital world. Chris, Adeel, and Bilal dive into one of healthcare’s big tectonic shifts: from thinking about and addressing general populations by disease state, to providing the most appropriate care possible to each individual.

New this season! Each episode features real consumer voices and stories, allowing us to truly orient our conversations from the “outside-in.” Thank you to those who shared their experiences with us.

About our guests

Adeel is the CEO and co-founder of Clearstep. Under his leadership, Clearstep works with leading global healthcare institutions to revolutionize the way patients access care and information. Prior to founding Clearstep, Adeel worked with some of the largest healthcare institutions across pharma, health tech, health systems, and retail as a consultant. He also previously spent three years as a neuro-immunology researcher at Johns Hopkins.

Bilal is Clearstep’s product leader and head of clinical intelligence. He co-founded the company and under his leadership, Clearstep excels in every prospect’s clinical review. Prior to Clearstep, Bilal spent a decade publishing in biomedical engineering through institutions like the NIH, UMD, Johns Hopkins, and Northwestern. He is part of Northwestern’s MD/Ph.D. program.

About Clearstep

Clearstep, Inc. builds technology that makes it easy for healthcare consumers to access the most useful, clear next steps for health and care.

Clearstep Smart Care Routing™ solutions leverage AI chat technology to improve patient acquisition, engagement, and outcomes for health systems. Our clinically intelligent healthcare chatbot guides patient consumers to the right care and settings by enabling self-service Virtual Triage, automating Patient Services, and streamlining critical touchpoints for Clinical Journeys. All while reducing administrative burdens, simplifying workflows, and delivering measurable value.

Their solutions are used by leading health systems, payers, and digital health providers including CVS Health, BayCare, HCA Healthcare, Medecision, and Duly Health & Care – Proven to increase patient loyalty by 4X, grow new patient revenue and enable partners to protect their bottom line. Connect with them to learn more by visiting

Memorable quotes from this episode:

“We are all almost born and raised with the expectation that ‘I go to the doctor’s office to be told how I should navigate this issue and it’s on their terms, it’s on their schedule set their time.’ And so what we’re doing is flipping that and saying, well, how can we actually change the whole paradigm, so it’s on the patient-consumer’s time, at their convenience, on their terms and their criteria.”

Bilal Naved

“If you think of people like your customers, your members, your patients as consumers–the way that retail and tech think of users or shoppers as consumers–then other qualities of the experience become critical around loyalty, convenience, satisfaction, and the things that bring people back.”

Adeel Malik