Here’s what we wrote the book on. Literally.


Essential Leadership for Transformative Change

By Chris LaVictoire Mahai

BOLD leaders see well beyond the current business, can harness the potential available to them, and relish leading transformational change to drive success in their organizations. They will invent the future from the position they start with today. They are leaders who view market dynamics opportunistically, are excited by the challenges, can imagine the possibilities and translate them to their colleagues, and who will assemble teams to drive the needed changes to successful conclusion. And then they will do it again.

Do you know who the BOLD leaders are in your organization?

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Strengthening Business Performance through Speed, Predictability, Flexibility, and Leverage

By Chris LaVictoire Mahai

How can an elephant’s predictability inform a multinational company?  What can a cheetah teach a business about speed? Taking cues from the animal kingdom can help companies adopt a systematic approach to strengthening their performance chain. The answers become as clear — and impressive — as an African night sky.

In the animal world, the food chain is the most critical driving force. In the business world, it’s the performance chain — all the tangible and intangible elements that have to move from the moment you trigger demand until you have cash in the bank; all the ins and outs that have to work together and align to your target customer experience to drive the outcomes you want.

In ROAR, Chris explores what it takes to drive the best possible outcomes for an organization’s customers and business. How can senior executives use the lenses of speed, predictability, flexibility, and leverage to control their performance chain, rather than the performance chain controlling them?

She ties these four critical performance lenses to their counterparts in the animal kingdom – the cheetah, elephant, coyote, and ant – to deliver a fast-paced read designed to help senior executives analyze and improve their organization’s performance.

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How Customer Experience Can Tip Everything in Your Business toward Better Financial Performance

By Linda Ireland

Like a line of falling dominos, daily actions across your organization form a sequence of events that, if aligned correctly, build momentum and culminate in what every business wants—outstanding financial performance.  Establishing what drives daily decisions within your organization—your front domino—will determine the fluidity of that chain of events, and the level of profit you achieve.  Companies that use customer experience as their front domino reap the biggest rewards in profitability, growth and sustainability.

For the first time, a book that belongs in both the business and finance sections of every bookstore.

This how-to volume, rich with practical exercises, provides a tested blueprint for defining the target customer experience and translating it into an actionable strategy that will lead to tangible financial reward.

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The Handy Experience Manual™

By Chris LaVictoire Mahai & Linda Ireland

We’ve been working with clients on customer experience improvements for several years. Over that time, in dozens of settings, in a variety of businesses and industries, we’ve arrived at a simple concept:  customer experience is an operating model (or can be) that can drive the results any business is after: operating excellence, growth, and profitability. We’ve also learned that enrolling the troops is often easier with powerful storytelling.

We’ve taken our findings and wrapped them into a great little pocket storybook. This handy guide can serve as a reminder of the actions you can take at each step of your customer’s experience and the results you can achieve by paying attention to them.  We call it THEM: The Handy Experience Manual.™

We wrap the lessons around the story of our darling protagonist, “Trianglehead,” and his quest to solve the metaphorical “pain in his neck.”

Use THEM if you already know how to use customer experience to drive daily operating actions, but you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get others to join you.

Use THEM to seed thinking and conversation.

You can even use THEM as a gift for a colleague who almost shares your convictions and could use a clever, smart and dare we say fun…push.