How we work (in ways that produce payoffs for you)

“If you want an expert assessment, candid feedback about your opportunities and shortcomings, and a road map for success that inspires staff and comforts the Board of Directors, Aveus is for you”                                                                                                                       -CEO, Human Services Organizaion

What is it like working with Aveus?

Our values are deeply rooted in our shared belief in two things:

  • Doing what is best for the customer will lead you to the best outcomes for your organization
  • Challenging questions, a healthy dose of curiosity, and collaboration with mixed teams- yours and ours – leads to better ideas and creates the momentum that fuels greater results

Working with us means:

  • Focusing on outcomes and driving efforts to what is truly important (and just enough)
  • Using methods and tools we have developed over 18 years and through successful engagements with more than 150 client organizations
  • Working collaboratively which means we prepare, coach and mentor your team; building their capabilities and we learn just as much along the way. Collaboration creates mutual benefits
  • Our former line executive experiences show up in our deep understanding of what it means to live with the consequences of decisions and actions made
  • Together we will find bold answers through thought provoking questions and active listening for the best ideas