Aveus, a
healthcare consulting firm

We work with BOLD leaders to solve complex business challenges and drive meaningful change.

Don’t hire them to just validate what you want to do – they will challenge your thinking.

CEO // Medical Device Company

Keeping up in today’s healthcare economy isn’t easy.

Markets change overnight. Consumer demand and expectations morph. Cost, operational, and regulatory mandates shift. And competition is fierce.

Enter Aveus. We’re a team of change experts passionate about driving value at the intersection of business results and healthcare outcomes. We know what it takes to help BOLD leaders make the right decisions and actions to stay ahead.



We work with a wide range of players across the healthcare industry.

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Easy doesn’t excite us. change does.

Customers tell us we’re good at what we do.

BOLD isn’t just an adjective. It’s our philosophy.

BOLD is a philosophy, a tactic, and an approach. It’s how we work and who we work with. It’s our DNA.

Our clients are BOLD leaders who see well beyond their current business and have the will and willingness to invest in transformational change. They Believe in their personal and team abilities to reach challenging goals, are Open to ideas and information that will move their organizations forward, and are inherent Learners and Doers. We know that this is the type of leader it takes to drive successful change, and we intentionally seek them as we build new client partnerships.

We are BOLD

Our deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem includes but is not limited to: patients, providers, insurers, hospitals, clinics, human services organizations, pharmaceutical companies, childcare and senior care facilities, medical device companies, tech companies, the government, our communities and beyond. We know that understanding how the ecosystem works and creating strong partnerships across its many players is essential to creating a healthier, more affordable, more connected healthcare experience.

The healthcare ecosystem is ever-expanding.

We know healthcare

As former operating executives, we’ve walked in your shoes.

We know what it’s like to drive change to deliver the outcomes you and your customers need. The results we’ve delivered in over 150 organizations reflect this perspective. We understand the magnitude and implications of the decisions you are making and the link between customer value and financial performance.

We’ve been there

We’re in the business of helping businesses transform. Which means we understand the series of small, complex changes – strategic, operational, behavioral, cultural – needed to succeed big. Our team sees beyond the walls of your organization and is passionate about helping you make the right decisions and actions to better lead, operate, compete, serve, and provide.

Whether you need to jump-start your innovation efforts, pilot in the market, or influence employee hearts, we can ensure you take a sustainable approach.

To achieve big, you need to start small.

We get change


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