Improved Consumer Experience Drives Growth and Retention

1.5 million member regional integrated health system

The leaders of a top-rated health system faced rapid growth, an uncertain health insurance landscape, and big cost pressures. They needed to strengthen their member experience to achieve breakthrough performance.


Engineering Great Customer and Employee Experiences 

Employee-owned specialty engineering firm

An employee-owned engineering firm that was already high performing sought to achieve even better results through improved customer and employee experiences.


Using Customer Experience to Drive a New Branded Experience

Leading travel agency franchise organization

In a changing industry how can customer experience be used to adapt the company’s brand and drive market performance?


Capturing Time and Money in the Innovation Process

Mid-sized public products and services company

A company faced an innovation pipeline clogged with ideas, watered down through the process, or never making it to market compounded by a stagnant portfolio that was overwhelming current resources.


Designing an Innovation Lab to Test New Ideas

Fortune 200 services company

A large services company needed to reinvigorate their innovation efforts and reach a new, under served market to increase revenue.


Building Global Innovation Strength

Global medical components manufacturer

The president of a global business division wants to build a cohesive leadership team and develop the leadership, strategic and innovation decision-making skills of 20 leaders from 6 countries.


Myth-busting a Path to Sustainable Growth and Impact

Large membership-based non-profit

A mature organization, struggling with poor performance like many membership-based non profits, needed a customer experience-based strategy to create mission focus, drive strategic decisions and program priorities, and clarify operating requirements for success.


Winning by Breaking the Rules

Mid-tier software provider

In a technology sector with rules favoring the two behemoth leaders how can a mid-tier player win?


Moving a Company from Supply-driven to Demand-driven

Large technology manufacturer and data storage company

A technology supplier faced with decommissioning customer orders realized the need to move from a supply-driven approach to demand-driven to increase performance.