Nick Lucca
Nick LuccaAssociate

Nick is quick to comprehend new topics and issues, and builds on relevant experiences to find innovative solutions to problems.

Nick Lucca is a driven professional who is never comfortable settling for the status quo. During his whole life, if anyone suggested something couldn’t be done, it created a burning desire for Nick to prove that it could. Nick’s persistent nature keeps him searching for solutions to problems when most are prepared to throw in the towel. Nick is also known as a perpetual student, continually seeking new learning opportunities and the adventure of new experiences. He is quick to comprehend new topics and issues, and builds on relevant experiences to find innovative solutions to problems.

When he’s not working at Aveus, Nick also serves as a member of the Minnesota National Guard. After enlisting in January 2011, he fulfilled his ROTC contract and received a commission as a Field Artillery Officer in May 2013. Nick is now a First Lieutenant in the 1-151 FA Battalion. He has held leadership roles as an Ammunitions Officer, Platoon Leader, and Fire Direction Officer. He recently transitioned to the unit’s intelligence shop, and now works with the command team on strategic decision making processes for the Battalion.

Nick joined Aveus after spending several years in financial services, where he experienced all the facets of the customer interaction process across the industry. After graduating from DePauw University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, he spent time with New York Life, USAA Investment Management Company and Thrivent Financial. With these organizations, he held positions in investment account servicing, brokerage operations, financial advising and regulatory field supervision.

Outside of work, Nick enjoys spending time with his friends and family, traveling, attending sporting events, going to movies, singing karaoke (not everyone else enjoys it when he does) and just about anything outdoors. He is a passionate amateur in the world of golf – his love of the game more than compensates for his lack of skill – and he cannot get enough of winter activities like snowboarding, skiing, hockey, snowmobiling… you name it! Nick’s versatile personality makes him a unique combination of social butterfly, armchair politician and analytical thinker. He is happy to be the life of the party and bring the comedic relief, but he also enjoys discussing politics and interesting new scientific developments.