Erik Jensen
Erik JensenPrincipal

Erik focuses on improving the customer and employee experiences.

Erik Jensen is known for being a quick study with a keen ability to quickly understand different businesses and industries. He effortlessly applies relevant learnings from his past roles and functions to inform a better solution to challenges. Erik is great at developing rapport with anyone and has an entertaining sense of wit and humor that make him fun to be around.

He has collected a wide array of experiences where he has thrived driving new strategies and change – all with a focus on organizational adoption & sustainment.  After working with clients such as Nationwide, 3M and Ford as a consultant with Ernst & Young, Erik spent 12 years at Best Buy where he worked in key strategy & operations positions across new business development, retail operations & strategy and, most recently, the Geek Squad.

Erik’s time in the Geek Squad as a Senior Director focused on working to expand service offerings and driving the evolution of transaction based interactions to ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Erik led the implementation of new, market-leading services for customers and small businesses along with enhancing Best Buy’s first 24/7 service value proposition.

A common theme through all of Erik’s work has focused on ensuring the customer and employee experiences were always better off when work was completed.  Shaping desired end states with this in mind enabled Erik and his teams to drive continuous innovation and improvement from an end-to-end customer experience to legacy areas like labor and training and everything in between.

Erik’s favorite part of a project is as the strategy starts to solidify. The direction is approaching “set” and how the strategy will really be brought to life needs to be identified – – the tipping point between strategy and execution.  Time and time again, the work that he loves most is building out a strategy that will work within existing operations or enhancing operations to deliver a new strategy, all while making sure that the body won’t reject the organ.

Outside of work Erik enjoys helping coach his boys’ sports teams, checking out new restaurants with his wife, spending time with family and friends, traveling, and golf…ideally traveling for golf.