Project Description

Building Global Innovation Strength


The president of a global business division wants to build a cohesive leadership team and develop the leadership, strategic and innovation decision-making skills of 20 leaders from 6 countries.


Creating clarity:

  • Conducted stakeholder interviews
  • Analyzed customer and market data and business plan for growth
  • Designed a series of meetings, team and individual assignments to identify opportunities while also building skills within the team

Making smart decisions:

  • Through case studies and team assignments we clarified boundaries of the core business, adjacent business, and transformative opportunities
  • Assessed the company capabilities for organic innovation versus innovation seeded through acquisition
  • Developed a common language and approach to the way the organization looks at innovation through these team meetings
  • Vetted initial acquisition opportunities with the global team

Operationalizing the change:

  • Orchestrated meetings and coached leaders to deliver actionable outcomes
  • Coached and facilitated the integration team for the first major acquisition
  • Framed the next level of innovation activity for the years ahead


  • Leadership, strategy and innovation skill building through meaningful assignments yielding tangible results for the company
  • Clear alignment across the leadership team
  • Distinguished organic growth and merger and acquisition priorities that can achieve the company growth objectives