Want to know if we would be a good fit?

Our name, Aveus, is derived from the Latin word “avius,” meaning “out of the ordinary,” and we are dedicated to living up to our name. Our team of strategy and operational change experts is growing as our business does, and we welcome meeting potential team members who want to help us create change that pays while enjoying our out of the ordinary experience. While our team comprises a broad range of talents and experiences, we all share a common set of values and core competencies that are essential to who we are. We could be the right fit for you if…

Every day is different in consulting. The clients we work with change over time. The industries we work in, the problems we solve and the people in our client organizations all change. And even when we do have a well-planned approach for a specific client event or engagement, something invariably changes in the client’s requirements or schedule. We are adept with ambiguity; we love the challenge of keeping pace with new industries, new clients, new ideas, and new learning curves. We see patterns across industries and client problems that enable us to navigate new circumstances comfortably.
A majority of our work is done in a team environment. The team often includes our clients and always includes other team members. We push each other’s thinking and create a better product together. We rely heavily on all team members for their thinking and contribution. We know our team members, including the client, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table that creates constructive dialog and development of great client outcomes.
We measure success in referenceable clients. Individually and collectively we are deeply committed to our clients and go to great lengths to enable their vision and help them create change that pays. We are invested in the consequences our clients have to live with as a result of the changes we implement together. We work with individuals across our client organizations, building strong relationships in multiple places. Clients often tell us we don’t seem like a consulting firm, and we understand and appreciate that compliment. We get tremendous energy from seeing the transformation our work helps create in individuals and the overall client organization.
We are a mid-sized consulting firm. We have invested in infrastructure that enables our growth and supports our staff and clients. We have virtually no hierarchy and few titles. Many of us have had executive roles with large teams. We find deep satisfaction with the quality of our work, our client relationships and our growing team.

Open Positions

We might not be the best fit if…

  • You don’t want to travel.
  • You crave a predictable schedule.
  • You are interested in a corporate career path.
  • You love a large team reporting directly to you.

We ask staff members to…

  • Work collaboratively with other Aveus team members and participate as required on Aveus strategy.
  • Familiarize themselves with our clients and key relationships.
  • Commit to and live our core purpose and values.
  • Help us learn, grow and thrive.

Salary & Benefits

  • The starting salary is negotiable based on experience.
  • Approximately 50 hours/week – as required to serve client needs. Hours can flex significantly based on client location and project demands.
  • Medical/Dental/Vision – Aveus provides a monthly supplement that employees can use toward medical, dental, and vision benefits.
  • Short-term and Long-term Disability Insurance – Aveus provides each employee with 60% STD and LTD coverage.
  • Life insurance – Aveus provides a $50,000 term life policy.
  • 6 weeks per year of personal time off (PTO).
  • An office space will be provided at Aveus Bloomington headquarters.
  • Cell phone/PDA service: Aveus will reimburse up to $50/month for cell phone/PDA service.