What is a Bold Leader?

By | Thursday, March 12, 2015|

There are whole sections in business libraries and bookstores dedicated to the topic of leadership.  What it is.  What it requires.  Masters write about it and rewrite about it over and over again. Some new and long established names you may have read:  Peter Drucker, John Kotter, Seth Godin, Warren Bennis, Daniel Pink, Gary Hamel, Steven Covey, Clayton Christensen, Daniel Goleman, Jim Collins, Malcolm Gladwell, Patrick Lencioni… and I could go on.  The field is large and rich.  People study and pursue advanced degrees in it. […]

Why Map an Ideal Customer Experience?

By | Monday, November 4, 2013|

Like the old cliché “If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know if you get there?” there is a benefit for everyone in your organization to have a clear, unclouded vision of the point on the horizon to which you are aiming. In the cliché the risk is overshooting the target. In business the risk is that individuals, functions or even your whole company could be unwittingly marching away from the outcomes that would yield the best performance for your company.


Do you know your personal brand? An interview with Phil Soran

By | Friday, July 17, 2015|

Phil Soran is a bold leader who knows himself very well. Not in a braggadocios way but in a confident, warm, and engaging way. Before committing to the actual interview, Phil wanted a conversation and asked me more questions than anyone I’ve interviewed to date. I thought that was great! And interesting.

Through our two conversations, I met a leader who is curious and confident and has a clear point of view. And he has a marketing orientation to the way he sees the role of a leader. This culminated in a statement he made near the end of our interview: “I tell people that come to me all the time, ‘Figure out your differentiators, name them, brand them.’”

Do you know your personal brand? Can you name it? […]

Jodi Prohofsky Interview: Bold Leaders Know When to Improve and When to Disrupt

By | Thursday, June 4, 2015|

I’ve found that bold leaders are drawn to organizations under some kind of negative or positive stress.  Jodi Prohofsky was drawn to a company grappling with both, simultaneously. Jodi’s team, responsible for billions in provider and supplier contracts, is part of a massive effort at WalMart to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. Imagine: the massive machinery of big box retail, the shifting sands of the health care market space, and millions upon millions of us who need better and more affordable options for health care. The negative stress of turning a big ship. The positive stress of new opportunity. […]

Sam Yagan Interview: Fail Because You Are Trying…

By | Wednesday, May 20, 2015|

The latter part of the title is the beginning of a quote from my conversation with Sam Yagan, CEO of Match.com.  The whole quote is: “Fail because you are trying, not because you are not trying.” It is probably a good example of why Time Magazine in 2013 named him one of “the 100 most influential people in the world, from artists and leaders to pioneers, titans and icons.” People hesitant to act for fear of failing accomplish little. All of my bold leader interviews to date have reinforced this fact.


Sara Gavin Interview: Bold Leaders Step Up and Simplify

By | Wednesday, April 29, 2015|

Chris Malecek, an Aveus Advisory Board member, suggested I interview bold leader Sara Gavin, President of Weber Shandwick North America. I’ve known Chris and relied on his always clear, on point advice for decades. All that time, Chris has worked with and for Sara. So when he suggested her for this series, I was thrilled. Sara and I have known each other for almost as long, but neither of us could recall the last time we’d spoken, let alone crossed paths. I’ve known from our intersecting circles that she is a great leader. This conversation confirmed that she is also bold. […]

Marcee Chmait Interview: Building a Bold Organization

By | Tuesday, March 31, 2015|

I recently had the opportunity to interview Marcee Chmait, President of Spendwell Health.  Spendwell Health provides consumer transparency by allowing consumers (currently participants in high deductible health plans through large self-insured employers) to shop for healthcare providers and medical services online, see an actual retail price they will pay in advance of the visit, and have the amount spent applied to their plan deductible. […]

Mary Jeffries Interview: Don’t Leave Until After a Triggering Event

By | Tuesday, February 24, 2015|

I’ve known Mary Jeffries since she was the CFO of a startup PR firm in Minneapolis more years ago than either of us will admit. Many from those days would credit Mary with doing “whatever it takes” to push through challenges, taking the organization to the next level. One example is when Mary was seen raiding the vending machine, collecting coins and bills to help with cash flow… […]

Charlotte Otto Interview: Lessons Learned from an Enterprise Organization over 3 Decades (Part 2)

By | Tuesday, January 27, 2015|

I recently conducted a bold leader interview with Charlotte Otto and shared what she learned from being at the center of communications at P&G over 33 years. (Click here to read part 1.) During our conversation, Charlotte shared a story about THE leader at P&G who defined “bold” in the phrase bold leader. This is her story. […]

Charlotte Otto Interview: Lessons Learned from an Enterprise Organization over 3 Decades (Part 1)

By | Tuesday, January 20, 2015|

Charlotte Otto was the person, P&G leadership turned to for communication counsel in times of positive and negative stress. For 20 of her 33 years at the company, she was at the center of communications, working with 5 CEOs and many bold leaders. […]

Pam Moret Interview: Living with the Consequences of Leading

By | Tuesday, January 6, 2015|

Pam Moret is by training a lawyer and by experience and her own description, a “problem person.” She is someone who loves “diving into aggressive development and challenging problems. I came out of the womb that way. I prefer living with the consequences of leading.” […]

Deborah Gage Interview: What it Takes to Have a Fearless Approach

By | Thursday, December 11, 2014|

A couple of years ago at a national health care conference, I joined a small breakout group discussion and met Deborah Gage, CEO of Medecision, across the table. I don’t remember much about the discussion, but I know we parted, exchanging business cards, with (at least on my part) a clear desire to talk more and know each other better. […]

Dr. David Carmouche Interview: How Bold Leaders Beat the Odds (of Ineffective Change)

By | Friday, December 5, 2014|

The odds are not in his favor.
Dr. David Carmouche has spent his entire career trying to provide world class healthcare for a state with some pretty sick people. […]

How Bold Leaders in Healthcare Are Overcoming Uncertainty

By | Wednesday, November 12, 2014|

The healthcare industry is facing tremendous uncertainty. Regulatory changes have resulted from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. New, individual markets are emerging as a result of the introduction of healthcare exchanges. New payment models are emerging to try to bend the overall cost curve. New care models are being introduced to attempt to integrate care and improve population health. […]

5 Ways to Drive Better Performance Through Your Customer Experience

By | Wednesday, October 29, 2014|

Customer experience has become a hot topic. Industry and company experience ratings are published. A vast array of outside resources are suddenly available to help organizations understand and improve their customer experience. We’ve seen similar trends when “quality” and “lean” initiatives were first adopted. Bold leaders I speak to often feel besieged with information and reports but are still wondering if their customer experience efforts are the right ones. […]

John Geisler Interview: 9 Leadership Competencies to Drive Change

By | Wednesday, October 1, 2014|

John Geisler, vice president and CIO of Cargill, was a guest 8-10 years ago on an internet radio show my Aveus Partner Linda Ireland and I hosted every week back then. Between that time and today, John has led some of the largest, global change initiatives inside the company. […]