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Duane White has a proven track record of driving positive change in a wide variety of settings, from large Fortune 100 companies to smaller start-ups. He possesses excellent problem solving skills and a unique ability to marry strategy development with superior execution, focusing on the few really critical elements that are the performance drivers

Bold Leadership in For-Profit and Nonprofit Work: An Interview with Tim Clark

By | Wednesday, September 7, 2016|

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Tim Clark about BOLD LEADERSHIP.  Having had two very different careers, I was interested in learning more about what Tim saw as universal truths about leadership. At CarVal Investors, Tim Clark had grown the [...]

A Bold Leader with a Sense of Urgency: An Interview with Ezra Ernst

By | Tuesday, November 17, 2015|

While there is no single profile of a Bold Leader, I’m struck by the number of bold leaders we have interviewed that have a resume of short, intense engagements. Perhaps I look for this profile as it mirrors my own. As I often say, it isn’t easy building a 35 year business career – 3 ½ years at a time. But, when I reflect back on the most impactful organizational transformations that I have been involved with – that change often largely occurred within a fairly condensed time frame (9 months to 18 months). […]

Marcee Chmait Interview: Building a Bold Organization

By | Tuesday, March 31, 2015|

I recently had the opportunity to interview Marcee Chmait, President of Spendwell Health.  Spendwell Health provides consumer transparency by allowing consumers (currently participants in high deductible health plans through large self-insured employers) to shop for healthcare providers and medical services online, see an actual retail price they will pay in advance of the visit, and have the amount spent applied to their plan deductible. […]

How Bold Leaders in Healthcare Are Overcoming Uncertainty

By | Wednesday, November 12, 2014|

The healthcare industry is facing tremendous uncertainty. Regulatory changes have resulted from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. New, individual markets are emerging as a result of the introduction of healthcare exchanges. New payment models are emerging to try to bend the overall cost curve. New care models are being introduced to attempt to integrate care and improve population health. […]