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Innovation Doesn't Happen in a Closed System

An open, global and transparent economy means that now, more than ever, companies cannot rest on their laurels. Doing one thing and doing it well doesn’t work long-term. Keeping a team vibrant requires an infusion of new blood when stagnation rears its ugly head or when you need the next “big thing.”  Read more

Can You Be Product and Customer Experience Driven at the Same Time

Are you familiar with the phrase, “the best of both worlds?” I am. In my personal life, I’m constantly tempted to make decisions that combine multiple things I like. For instance, when I’m out to dinner – I often think, why not recommend that my dining companion order my second choice on the menu. I can have a few bites, but also enjoy my own meal. It’s the best of both worlds. (Future dinner dates, now you know my secret!)

But, when it comes to business choices, this sentiment does not apply. Read more

Why Map an Ideal Customer Experience

Like the old cliché “If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know if you get there?” there is a benefit for everyone in your organization to have a clear, unclouded vision of the point on the horizon to which you are aiming. In the cliché the risk is overshooting the target. In business the risk is that individuals, functions or even your whole company could be unwittingly marching away from the outcomes that would yield the best performance for your company.   Read more

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Finding the Performance Payoff in Customer Experience

This report examines the role of customer experience in organizations today, looking in depth at the link between its use and a firm’s performance.  It dispells the myth that there is a trade-off between customer experience and profitability.   Download

Does Customer Experience Matter?

Does Customer Experience Matter? is a landmark study of the use and impact of customer experience in US organizations. This first-of-its-kind report outlines definitions of customer experience, correlations between the use of customer experience and performance, and the profile and tactics of leading organizations. Download

Speed, Predictability, Flexibility, and Leverage X Customer Value Requirements = Winning Performance

Speed, Predictability, Flexibility, and Leverage X Customer Value Requirements = Winning Performance is a qualitative research effort that involved interviews with 102 executives across a wide variety of industries.

We explore the intersection of a healthy performance chain, the alignment of operating decisions to customer value requirements, and strong financial performance. Understand how a variety of companies view and utilize speed, predictability, flexibility, and leverage to drive performance.  Download

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ROAR by Chris LaVictoire Mahai


Domino by Linda Ireland


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